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Phone unlocking

A GO-SIM travel SIM card will work in most unlocked phones which are compatible to the local network of the destination you plan to visit.

In the case where your phone may be locked to your existing network provider, when swapping out your sim card, your phone may return any of the following error messages:

  • SIM Card Not Accepted
  • Enter Restriction Code
  • Enter Special Code
  • Enter Subsidy Code
  • Enter Subsidy Password
Receiving any of these error messages indicates that your phone is locked.

To unlock your handset, you must contact your network provider.

Best phone for international travel

For your phone to work internationally, it must connect you to the local GSM network. There are four frequencies around the world. Without getting too technical, using a tri-band or quad-band phone will give you coverage in most countries worldwide.

If your phone is not compatible to the network of the destination you are visiting, or if you would prefer to leave your expensive handset at home and purchase a travel phone, GO-SIM have a variety of devices which will work anywhere in the world. Simply choose the best phone for international travel.

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